Save money hacks
Save money hacks

We talk a lot about how to make money! In the end, that’s what we’re all looking for: a method to increase our earnings.

So we can finally live the life we want, travel the world, and do more of the things we love.

But what about saving money?

It’s actually cool to spoil yourself a bit at your favorite cafe from time to time or plan a vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

You deserve it, and you should be rewarded for your hard work. But, it’s always good to plan for a rainy day!

Whether you’re at a continental job or at home, things can always change in your life, and you don’t know if the revenue you earn today is going to stay the same.

Plus, by saving so much today, you can access financial freedom earlier!

How can I save money every day?

It’s not only about not spending money, but also about spending it carefully. It’s about not wasting resources and improving what you do with your time and money!

You can do these things without sacrificing much of the way you currently live and still be able to enjoy your fruits.

According to the writer, Juan Armando Corbin, in the report for the Spanish magazine Psicología y Mente, if you want to have a reserve of savings but can’t do that, there are tricks you can use to save money.

1. Be careful where you save money.

Some people may have dealt with a specific bank for years and feel comfortable doing business with it.

But, we should be careful that many banks are charging high commissions for their services.

That may be excessive and may be harmful to the interests of the customer often.

In that case, you have to look through other banks’ policies to see if there are better options for saving money.

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2. Make saving money a goal.

The first step in saving money is to suggest the matter to ourselves and make it a goal.

Too often we may suggest some goals that we are not able to achieve later, so we must first better define our goals.

3. Save a fixed amount each month.

When you make the decision to save money, you must proceed from the theoretical to the practical stage, which means you must begin saving right now.

You may save money by setting aside a modest amount of money each month, especially if your budget is on a weekly basis.

4. Do not use a credit card.

A credit card can be useful when it comes to buying, but it can generate an unrealistic perception of the amount of money on our balance that we spend.

So it’s better to leave home with the money you need instead of incurring a hefty credit card expense. 

It is always good to count what you spend each month and put what you spend during the month in special condition.

Save money hacks
Save money hacks

5. Think about what you’re spending.

The author tells you to get only the necessary items you need, such as shoes to wear, and not because you like them.

A good strategy for avoiding unnecessary things is to wait until you make a decision.

Think twice before you buy anything—analyze the pros and cons of your purchase and do not fall into the product packaging beauty trap.

6. Think long-term.

Some may hesitate to save if they think only in the short term.

But it’s much easier if you’re thinking long-term and you want to avoid having material problems when you’re older.

7. Use a customer card.

Many organizations offer small discounts and gifts to their customers.

It’s always good to get such cards, especially if you go to this place a lot to buy your needs, but be careful; it can lead you to buy things you don’t need.

8. Enjoy saving money.

Saving is not something fun, but it’s necessary, and there are some applications that will make you have fun while saving—like Countabout—that make this a very exciting challenge.

9. Gum and music.

Since many places use music or smell to attract our senses, you can chew gum and wear headphones when you go shopping, which will help you consume less.

10. Think about how you made that money.

Earning money is something that is worth a lot of effort, so next time you go shopping, think about your tiredness and how many hours you spent earning the money you spent overnight.

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11. Taking advantage of psychology.

Psychology is the science that provides knowledge about many of the issues that affect our daily lives.

So it’s always good to know more about these topics and read essays about the psychological tricks that shops use to make you spend more money. You can draw some conclusions to save money.

12. Beware of electricity and water.

With the high cost of electricity and water bills we consume, it would always be better to turn off lighting when not necessary and avoid overconsumption.

For example, you can put a reminder, not to overuse water next to a faucet.

13. Preparing food at home.

If you’re having lunch at the office, it may seem more comfortable to go to a restaurant than cook at home, but if you want to save money, it would be better to prepare your food at home.

Save money hacks
Save money hacks

14. Use the 24-hour rule.

It’s good to apply a 24-hour technique if we want to save, including by delaying the decision to buy anything for up to 24 hours.

15. Put a reminder on your card.

If you don’t want to dispense with your credit card, put at least a reminder next to it so you don’t forget that you’re saving.

You can put a label on the wallet to remember that.

16. Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the harmful and costly habits we have to abandon.

If you stop smoking, you won’t just notice the benefits to your health but also to your pocket.

Quitting smoking is one of the most effective means of saving money. At the same time, it requires huge sacrifices.

Save money hacks

17. Imagine buying as money.

Instead of seeing those new sneakers that you bought as a new fashion, look at them at the price they’ve cost you; maybe that way you’ll make them more valuable.

18. Record the money you spend.

Writing down the money you’ve spent is a good saving strategy because it can be effective feedback on what you’ve spent this month.

19. Select a budget.

Knowing the amount of money you spend every month can help you plan for the next month.

So feel free to put the money you’ll need into an envelope, and save the rest in your current account.

20. Envelope Method.

You might also try using an envelope and leaving the cards at home when you go shopping.

Assign specific amounts of cash to expenditure categories such as food and petrol using the envelope approach.

You store your cash in envelopes, and if one is empty, you’re done for the month with that category.

21. Take advantage of offers.

Many stores offer discounts on some products, and you can avoid wasting money by comparing available offers.

For example, when you buy a big can of tuna, the second can gets 50% off. If you’re smart about buying, you can save a lot of money every month.

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